Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maine's Bounty: Lobster, Literature, and Dahlov Ipcar

It's funny, my first reaction to this article headline was "No Fair" - that little school in Maine gets to have the First Lady (Bush I thought) AND a magnificent artist read to them? At my children's schools, much larger than Georgetown Central, got me as a guest reader on these "reading days" - never famous people! I did get chastised once though for "rumpus-ing" too much while reading "Where the Wild Things Are" since the teacher next door could hear me!

I wonder if anyone has ever chastised Dahlov Ipcar - the wonderful artist and illustrator for being to rowdy while reading?

Read the article here (it's Maine's 1st Lady by the way) | News Update: First Lady, Dahlov Ipcar, read to students

Or take some time and explore the works of Dhalov Ipcar who resides in Georgetown, Maine. The art of this fine woman is not what you expect of Maine artist check it out at Dahlov Website

Maine, Five Islands and 6 Degrees of Separation...

While checking my ranking (which now stinks after enjoying a top 10 position for a year or more) for my vacation rental web site on Google, I came across a new listing for "Five Islands Maine" that I'd never seen before. It's a personal reflection written in 2006 by a woman related to the Pinkhams of Five Islands ME. It's nice to know that some things really don't change. This area of Maine is still pretty rural and we still drive past the homes of her memory to reach our summer cottage - which ironically is next to a Pinkham home...

Read on if coastal Maine and Five Islands is in your heart: Facts & History: Maine History Told by Mainers