Monday, June 27, 2011

Where are the first places I go when I get to Georgetown Maine?

This is the first year ever that I've come to Maine before the rest of my family. Of course I'm here to work on the cottage and do the typical maintenance, but people always want to know: what are your favorite places? Where do you go?

I've been here almost 3 days so here's the list of fun & food:
1. Maxwell's in Bath with a friend (really fresh walnut salmon with honey).
2. Reid State Park: 1/2 Mile Beach, Todd's Point & the Little River during low tide. Walk, beach comb, look for and at wild life. Even on a foggy day there's so much to see including nesting Piping Plovers (endangered) and a seal pup on the rocks. Inhale the scent of Rosa Rugosa (beach roses).
3. Five Islands Lobster Company for a Jenny Sandwich and home made onion rings served by a smiling teenager. Watch a boy fish for mackerel on the town float, listen to the laughing gulls, and spy a jelly fish moving away from the wharf.
4. A visit to a friend's new dock in Robinhood Cove. Did you know that dock permits are only guaranteed on the shore for professional fishermen?
5. Georgetown County Store on 127 in central Georgetown for a genuine steak & cheese sub with peppers and onions. If you're adventuresome try a Moxi (soft drink) from Maine; I'm not a fan, but many are.
6.Back to Reid State Park (cars are $10 but we provide a pass for our guests) for a walk on the same territory and a trip to Griffith Head to check out the "new bath house." I wonder where Maine got the money in this economy. but welcome the new spot which opened up the view to the lagoon. Don't worry, the snack bar is still there, but watch yourself with the seagulls.
7. "Sunset" on the dock back at the cottage. The lobster boats are back in for the evening, and it looks like a picture postcard as I watch the tide come in.