Monday, May 29, 2006

The Seven Natural Wonders of Coastal Maine - MSN Travel Articles

Always wanted to go to Maine, but have no idea where to start? Try this Frommer's article to point you in the right direction: The Seven Natural Wonders of Coastal Maine - MSN Travel Articles.

The one NOT to miss of their wonders is in #2 - take the mailboat our of Portland Harbor to sigtsee around the plentiful Calendar Islands. This is the most original and interesting "harbor tour" I've been on anywhere in the United States.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Reid State Park and Beach in Georgetown Maine

Even The Globe knows a good thing when they see it:Your Perfect Beach - The Boston Globe: "More experienced paddlers should head for Reid State Park in Georgetown, Maine, on the shores of Sheepscot Bay. At Mile Beach, the sand gives way to a boulder-strewn coastline where the Atlantic pounds the rocks, spewing foam high into the air. You'll likely be joined by seals and the ubiquitous lobstermen, zipping from buoy to buoy to pull up their catch. Lot parking is available."

Reid State Park and its beaches are among the finest in Maine. Don't just take my word for it. It doesn't matter if you are a toddler or an experienced kayaker or a bird watcher; there is something for everyone here.

I've never kayaked at Reid. I do that from my waterfront cottage in Five Islands. I have however enjoyed many, but not all of the things there are to do at Reid including:
-clamming at the Little River at low tide
-riding a kickboard at the bridge as the tide changes
-collecting shells, periwinkles, and other treasures at low tide on near any of the rocks
-looking for pieces of garnet at Griffiths Head
-basking in the sun at mile beach
-picnics by the bridge and at the lagoon
-building sandcastles and watching little ones play at the lagoon
-smelling the roses hips and rosa rugosa along the paths
-sliding down the banks to the Little River
-braving the cold waves on the beach
-collecting driftwood and building odd structures
-watching the piping plovers and other birds
-taking shelter from a thunderstorm and watching nature's show
-eating icecream from the snack bar
-strolling the beach in the off season

Can it get any better than Reid?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

In my day, we thought calculators were neat

Although this has nothing to do with vacationing in Maine, I am jealous! I have an exiting middle schooler and an entering one. Oh how I wish CA were equipping and education their students in this manner. My kids have had a great education here, but their technology education at school consists of little more than "Type to Learn". Read up on Official Google Blog: In my day, we thought calculators were neat: "The Maine Learning Technology Initiative is an innovative program that equips every one of the state's public middle-school students with a laptop computer. This fall, more than 36,000 students will receive brand-new Apple iBooks pre-installed with great software."

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Main Street Bath Gets Ready for Your Next Maine Vacation

OK, you've made it out of the office early on Friday to beat the traffic up to the coast of Maine. You want to do something fun, stop and have dinner, and feel like you are on vacation! Starting at the end of June Main Street Bath is sponsoring Gazebo Concerts beginning at 7:00 and the third Friday of each month there will be an Art Walk happening. Merchants are planning on staying open on Friday nights, and giving you a place to spend your time. Haven't been to Historic Bath? It's a renaissance city. City of ships, full of maritime history, great antiques, and a lovely waterfront on the Kennebec River.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Southern Maine Day Trips - The Island of Georgetown, Maine

Deborah Fowles at is one of my favorite writers for everything Maine. It isn't just because she mentions my cottage in this article on Georgetown: Southern Maine Day Trips - The Island of Georgetown, Maine. It's because she knows her stuff. She even lives in Georgetown! Lucky woman! Her recommendations are right on. From Deena's Lobster (formerly Lisa's now known as Mama D's), to Georgetown Pottery, to the Josephine Newman Wildlife Sanctuary, Ms. Fowles shows you Georgetown for real. I couldn't have done a better job myself, but if you want to see some more recommendations with links check out my Midcoast Maine Fun page.