Friday, September 29, 2006

Why do leaves turn colors in the fall?

Why do leaves turn color in the fall?"New England enjoys some of the most intense fall colors thanks to its almost pure stands of a few types of trees that all turn color at the same time. Trees are not the only thing that contribute to a colorful autumn, though. Shrubs like burning bush and sumac, and even weeds like poison ivy can paint the roadsides brilliant colors in fall. In Maine, the blueberry barrens turn a phenomenal fiery red. "

My favorite author, Deborah Fowles, explains it all in simple terms. Despite growing up in New Hampshire, where the boasts of brilliant colors are actually being modest, I always forget just why the leaves change color...

Enjoy learning, and do me a favor? Press one of those red sugar maple leafs for me! I miss fall in New England.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Camden film festival begins Sept. 28

Business in | Camden film festival begins Sept. 28: "Camden film festival begins Sept. 28
The 2nd Camden International Film Festival (CIFF) will take place from September 28-October 1, 2006 at various venues throughout Midcoast Maine. Dedicated to examining our world, our global family and ourselves through the lenses and minds of the finest non-fiction visual storytellers, CIFF honors the independent documentary by providing audiences with the very best in documentary film in an environment that allows participants direct access to the filmmakers. "

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Puffins - in Maine

Photo of Puffin at Machias is used with permission of Lucian Niemeyer. Visit his website to see more or own some of his work.

The Atlantic Puffin is the smallest of the Puffins and can be found in Canada and Maine. To learn more visit this article: THERECORD.COM INSIDER Puffin project draws crowds in Maine

If you've ever seen a puffin at an aquarium, zoo, or even in their natural habitat, chances are you've fallen in love with their duck and penquin like antics and adorable behaviors. Here in CA, I'm lucky enough to live close to a Trader Joe's market which carries Barbara's Brand Cereals, including their peanut butter puffins. My kids are vegetarians and we try to limit our intake of hydrogenated oils - these cereals fit the bill.

If you find yourself in Midcoast Maine, you will want to take time to visit the Audubon Visitor's Center in Rockland and a boat tour to see puffins on Midcoast Maine's Eastern Egg Island from either Boothbay Harbor's Captain Fish Cruises (closest to our midcoast Maine cottage) or further up the coast from New Harbor's Hardy Boat Cruises(near Pemaquid which is also lovely).