Monday, March 31, 2008

Morrigan McCarthy Photography: Dahlov Ipcar

Check out the gorgeous light in the studio!

Morrigan McCarthy Photography: Dahlov Ipcar: "Last spring I had the amazing opportunity to photograph the artist Dahlov Ipcar at her studio in Georgetown, Maine for a wonderfully written piece by Leah Chernikoff. I have only just had the time this week to start scanning my negatives from the shoot and I thought I'd post a couple of them here as I go through them..."

Monday, March 17, 2008

jen of the north: pottery beach

I found this little blog piece via Google Alerts tonight, and I can't believe this was right under my nose! This beach is just a few miles from our cottage, and I cannot wait to get back and go look for some pottery shards, and my favorite: sea glass!! Enjoy.

jen of the north: pottery beach: "welcome to the land of pottery beach....david & i found this little little scruffy beach on the side of 5 islands lobster shack up in georgetown, maine many many moons ago...we were just walking around and ended up on it & we were struck by how much pottery we found in this one area...the place was just saturated. this was right about 1995 & we were on a serious mosaic jag...we were sticking shards of pottery on everything...i even did a small wall in my house in georgetown when i lived there & david & i actually applied a mosaic to a dried out was a garden piece! stumpy!"