Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Review Just In For Five Islands Maine

Wonderful Weekend
We had an awesome time at this cottage in Georgetown! It is just as advertised and really comfortable. Georgetown is very quiet over labor day and the Reid State Park pass is a huge bene of this rental! It was also great to be able to rent for a couple nights rather than only a whole week. We hope to come back in the future for a whole week!
·By Patrick from Burlington, VT on 9/12/2011 for a stay in 9/1/2011 (originally published on FlipKey)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girls Camp Goes to Maine

"Girls Camp" for grown women? Food? Easy? San Diego to Five Islands Maine? I love these chicks.
Oh, those Californians and Zonies

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Activities for the summer lover of things to do on the go - The Boston Globe

Great mention of Georgetown and one of our neighbors, The Coveside. Kayaking in the area is excellent. We provide 2 on our dock, and for more or different, the author has an excellent suggestion.

Enjoy Maine at it's best: from the water.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Where are the first places I go when I get to Georgetown Maine?

This is the first year ever that I've come to Maine before the rest of my family. Of course I'm here to work on the cottage and do the typical maintenance, but people always want to know: what are your favorite places? Where do you go?

I've been here almost 3 days so here's the list of fun & food:
1. Maxwell's in Bath with a friend (really fresh walnut salmon with honey).
2. Reid State Park: 1/2 Mile Beach, Todd's Point & the Little River during low tide. Walk, beach comb, look for and at wild life. Even on a foggy day there's so much to see including nesting Piping Plovers (endangered) and a seal pup on the rocks. Inhale the scent of Rosa Rugosa (beach roses).
3. Five Islands Lobster Company for a Jenny Sandwich and home made onion rings served by a smiling teenager. Watch a boy fish for mackerel on the town float, listen to the laughing gulls, and spy a jelly fish moving away from the wharf.
4. A visit to a friend's new dock in Robinhood Cove. Did you know that dock permits are only guaranteed on the shore for professional fishermen?
5. Georgetown County Store on 127 in central Georgetown for a genuine steak & cheese sub with peppers and onions. If you're adventuresome try a Moxi (soft drink) from Maine; I'm not a fan, but many are.
6.Back to Reid State Park (cars are $10 but we provide a pass for our guests) for a walk on the same territory and a trip to Griffith Head to check out the "new bath house." I wonder where Maine got the money in this economy. but welcome the new spot which opened up the view to the lagoon. Don't worry, the snack bar is still there, but watch yourself with the seagulls.
7. "Sunset" on the dock back at the cottage. The lobster boats are back in for the evening, and it looks like a picture postcard as I watch the tide come in.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's Time: Summer in Maine

Midcoast Maine at It's Finest
It's plan summer in Maine. Although spring comes late to mid-coast Maine, now is the time that visitors book up the best weeks of summer at waterfront cottages throughout the state.

Are you a motor sport, lake kind of person? Try Sebago Lake. Solitude and fishing? Moosehead Lake. Seashells by the seashore? Wells or York. Dining, Dancing, famous lighthouse? Portland. National Parks and bicycling? Acadia NP. Classic Maine fishing village and Maine Lobster? Georgetown.

The list could go on and on and you'd think that with so many fabulous waterfront locations in Maine, you could wait around for a last minute special. After all, the great recession isn't really over yet. DON'T COUNT ON IT. This is Maine after all.

The Maine "camp" (also known as vacation rental or cottage) season is very short. Some folks only open their places from July 4 - Labor Day, and many others just from around Memorial Day to Columbus Day. If you want to vacation in July, August, or on a holiday you might already be too late in some locations.

We're booking much later than we did prior to 2008. At that time, April 1 was our "sorry booked" date. With the internet, things have changed, and people wait a bit longer. If it's Reid State Park & beach, fresh boiled lobster and clams, midcoast Maine, hiking, a deepwater dock for your boat, a quiet cove for kayaking, or just peace and quiet...we still have good availability at our Five Islands area Georgetown ME cottage.

If you are looking for another Maine experience we recommend

Friday, February 11, 2011

How about a little Whoopie for your Valentine?

Photo Credit: Cranberry Island Kitchen
Promise: your Valentine won't be disappointed even if you're a bit late with this gift: Whoopie (Pies) in the shape of X's and O's direct from Cranberry Island Kitchen in Portland Maine. Nothing says "I Love You" like chocolate, and a little reminder of that last summer vacation in Maine will put a smile on everyone's faces.